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Need ideas

2011-10-16 23:37:33 by Toonamisaki

I have no ideas for any flash projects and I can't come up with anything! ehh

It actually took me 53 minutes to beat Riddle School 5. I haven't had so much fun playing a newgrounds game in such a while. Try this..... Me and my brother raced to see who could beat the game the fastest! I beat him by 4 minutes. It's exciting to. Jonbro is one of the best!

Super Mario Flash 2 (Coming Soon)

2009-06-10 08:08:18 by Toonamisaki

I am currently in production of Super Mario Flash 2! To check out my demo visit

Ping pong reloaded

2009-03-07 15:45:12 by Toonamisaki

part 2 of my ping pong series is coming. This time I have powerups, unlockable characters, improved backgrounds and much more. It's only about 5% done but im working as hard as I can to get it finished.


2008-12-13 07:14:10 by Toonamisaki

Dragon ball Z Rpg Pt.1 is here!

I have way more than this done but im just giving you this. Sorry you don't get no fighting scenes yet. LOL. Enjoy what I have so far. =9346_smwpreview.swf

Super mario's world

2008-10-08 06:43:19 by Toonamisaki

Hey everyone I think it's about time I started working on a series. Its a cartoon series about Mario and Luigi. I've gotten a lot of practice after I submitted mario bros. z which I deleted. Anyways I hope everyone will like it.


2008-09-11 17:26:06 by Toonamisaki

Hello world

The start over

2008-06-16 07:50:01 by Toonamisaki

Im starting over with my submissions. Im going to start submiting more better flash animations.

Mario bros.z

2008-04-05 15:53:01 by Toonamisaki

Im currently working on Mario bros. z ep.2. You dont have to worry about anymore spelling errors or choppyness. I've been practicing.